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96 Packs of Sparkling Candles BULK BUY DISCOUNT

96 Packs of Sparkling Candles BULK BUY DISCOUNT
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96 Packs of Sparkling Candles (each pack contains 18 candles)

96 Packs of multi coloured sparkling candles
Colours: pink, blue, white and yellow candles
Length approx 7 inches
No holders required, stick straight into cakes, puddings etc
As the candle burns down, the candle gently sparks
Please note these are not sparklers, and will not sparkle like one, the items burn like a candle and produce gentle sparking as the wick burns down
Use several for best effect
Ideal for birthday cake candles, Party Candles, Events, Dinner Party, Hen Party, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays etc
Wholesale Sparkler Candles

If used with care, sparkling candles are perfectly safe.
The following safety information is advised
Caution, Flammable.
Use only under close adult supervision
Do not touch glowing wire
Keep burning end or sparks away from clothes or other flammable material.
Hold and light only one sparkler at a time.
After use, place in water.
Do not pick up a used sparkling candle as this may still be hot


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