How To Create a Glowing Milk Container Ghost

Create a Glowing Halloween Milk Container Ghost

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These are great fun to make for the whole family and make a really effective low cost halloween decoration as well as being a great way to reuse your plastic milk containers

What you need for each Halloween Milk Container Glowing Ghost:

  • plastic milk container
  • black permanent marker (try other colours for fun)
  • 2 or 3 GlowKings Glow Sticks with lanyard or string - Click Here to View GlowSticks

Step 1: Remove any labels, wash out the milk container and let it dry, you can put sand or gravel in the bottom of the containers to make them more stable

Milk Ghost

Step 2: using the permanent marker draw a spooky / funny face or design on your milk container (alternatively you can make and cut out the eyes and mouth using paper and stick them onto the container)

Halloween Milk Ghost

Step 3: Activate your GlowKings Glowsticks by bending them slightly then shaking, tie the string to the top of the glowstick

Glow Milk Container

Step 4: You want 2 or 3 glowsticks to hang in the middle of the container for the best effect, you can put the lid back on the milk bottle to hold the strings in place

Glowing Milk Ghost

Step 5: Switch off or dim the lights and enjoy the glow, make several Halloween Milk Carton Ghosts for the best effect, try out different designs and colours.

Halloween Milk Ghost

For extra fun you can add hair using wool or string etc, stick on some cut out ears etc
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Glowing Milk Bottle Ghost

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