How to light a Sparkler

How to light a Sparkler

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If used with care, sparklers are perfectly safe.

Hold in hand with arm extended from body

We recommend you have a bucket of water nearby to place the used sparklers after the sparks have stopped

Find an area that is protected from the wind when lighting sparklers.

We do not recommend using matches to light sparklers as they generally do not burn long enough as sprklers take a little time before they will ignite, matches are more prone to being blown out by the breeze, you will also probably burn your fingers by the time the sparkler ignites.

We recommend a long nose gas lighter such as the ones used to light gas hobs

A sparkler should be lit at the tip (the furthest point from the wire handle section)

Light one sparkler at a time. Lighting multiple sparklers simultaneously can be unpredictable with the spark discharge.

If you are lighting multiple sparklers you can use a lit sparkler to light subsequent sparklers each held by another person one sparkler at a time, when you light a sparkler with another sparkler the two people should stand next to each other and the sparklers should be held at arms length pointing away

The following safety information is advised
Caution, Flammable.
Use only under close adult supervision
Do not touch glowing wire
Hold in hand with arm extended from body
Sparklers are hot, keep the burning end or sparks away from clothes, skin, furniture or other flammable material, Sparklers remain hot after the burn has finished you should be careful where you place a used sparkler, we recommend that you place in a bucket of water
Hold and light only one sparkler at a time.
After use, place in water.
Do not pick up a used sparkler as this may still be hot

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