How to Use a Glowstick

Glowstick Uses

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Glowsticks contain two liquids which must be mixed together to start the glowing reaction, to activate a glowstick you bend it gently along the entire length of the glowstick, you should here a light crackling sound as the skin which separates the two liquids breaks up, then shake the glowstick to mix the liquids and the glowing effect should start straight away

Fund Raising - great fun and loved by young and old, glowsticks and flashing items make great high margin fund raising products and merchandising items, raise funds for your school charity or club

Photography and Art - light sticks / glowsticks make great effects for artists and photographers especially when placed in water

Parties and Events - Glow-sticks and glow novelties enhance any event and are a fun item at any party no matter what the age group

Sports - glow products have many sports applications such as high lighting swimmers during night swims or used as accessories in fun runs.

Safety  - glow products are a handy back up light source for hill climbing, camping, travelling, sailing, pot holing etc, no batteries are needed and they stay alight even when submerged in water

Clubbing & Festivals - Glow sticks and glowing novelties have long been the staple fun must have item for club and festival goers

Guidelight - Glowing sticks can be used as markers or guidelights for events such as orienteering, cross country races and during emergencies

Decorations - Glowing Party Products make unique and unusual decorations and will enhance any space

Traffic light parties - Red, Orange or Green easily spot who is approachable and who isnt

Accessories and Fancy Dress - Improve any outfit or accessorize with glowing pendants, necklaces, earrings, glow bracelets, glow hair pins and many many more novelty items

Emergency Marker - Glowsticks can be used as emergency markers to mark your location without the need for batteries, you should always carry some in your backpack when out trekking, hill walking or mountaineering

Marine - Glow sticks can be used underwater or on boats, they do not require batteries and are splash proof and submersible

The Glow products should not be punctured, bent, cut or chewed

If given to children, Parents or the responsible adults should supervise the children at all times while using the glow products to ensure that the products are not chewed, bent, cut or otherwise mistreated which may cause the glow product to leak

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