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Pack of 2 Sparkling Cake Fountains

Pack of 2 Sparkling Cake Fountains
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Sparkling Sparkler Cake Fountains (Pack of 2)

2 x Cake Sparklers Volcano Candles
Cake or Bottle Sparkler Fountain
Suitable for indoor use
No holders required, stick straight into cakes, puddings, iced fruit, soft ground etc
Emits Sparks and Flame effect
Ideal for birthday cake candles, Volcano birthday Candles Party Candles, Wedding Cakes, Events, Dinner Party, Hen Party, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Birthday Cakes, flaming Cake fountains Restaurant deserts etc

Use several for best effect
How to Light a Cake Fountain
The cake fountains will light instantly, so stand back and use a long necked lighter or match to ignite.
To use the candles, place the plastic spike into the cake and light the top of the candles.
If used with care, sparkler cake fountains are perfectly safe.
The following safety information is advised
Caution, Flammable.
Ensure Fountain cannot fall over
Use only by adults, not suitable for persons under the age of 18
Do not touch glowing end
Keep burning end or sparks away from clothes or other flammable material.
DO NOT HOLD, light at arms length
After use, place in water.

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