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Eco Environmentally Friendly Sky Lanterns

Eco Environmentally Friendly Sky Lanterns
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1 x Eco Environmentally Friendly Sky Lantern Chinese Lantern Khoon Fay Lantern
Colours: Yellow, White, Pink & Red Choose a colour from the drop down box - (if no colour is entered we will send random colour)
Height: Approx 92cm
Fully Biodegradable Friendly Chinese Lanterns, no wire is used
Unmanned hot air paper balloons
Just light the ignition block and watch the paper lantern rise into the sky
Great for weddings celebrations, festivals, parties and other events
Each lantern is individually wrapped with full safety instructions.
A collapsible paper lantern or sky lantern in bright colours used for decorative purposes
Sky Lanterns Khoon Fay Lanterns Wholesale Bulk Chinese Lanterns
Environmentally Friendly Chinese Lanterns - made from Eco friendly biodegradeable material, no wire used Non toxic and odour free, Ideal for weddings, parties, festivals, events, birthdays, New Years, Celebrations etc
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