400 x Thick 6" Glowsticks in Retail Packaging

400 x Thick 6" Wholesale Glowsticks in Retail Packaging

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400 x Glowstick 6", thick glow stick and connectors with ribbons to make a pendant 

Bright long lasting glowing lightsticks which are fun for all ages and glow for hours

Size: 6", 150mm, 15mm diameter

Colour: Various
 waterproof, windproof No heat, flame and sparks, no battery required 

Conforms to CE EN71 and ASTM F963 safety standards 

Usage: Multi function glow sticks promotions, giveaway, carnivals, gifts, special events, Halloween, party, bars, nightclubs, concert, dance hall, camping, banquet, festival, celebration, outing fields, survival kits, glow bowling hunting; fishing, fire department, military, power outage, camping, fireworks, clubs, pubs, Paddys Day etc

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